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Weighing her comment, he studied the exotic remoulade set before him on his plate, which previously had made him so happy, and failed to retrieve the evening.


Hey, you have a very clear aura today, the man said, just before trying to sell me something. But whatever optics had accompanied me up to that point must have darkened remarkably because in the next instant he was stepping back from me and his exclamation, saying, Sorry I thought you were someone else… um, Janet. Sorry.

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1. Three marinas leading in from bay. 2. Brackish spring-fed cove. 3. Large copse of oak and, at center of plan, ancient crabapple tree bowed arthritically over corner of rooftop. 4. Pocket goldfish pond containing cold tea-colored water, autumn leaves, and two or three fish (probably). 5. Down a flight of stairs, small strip of grass on which a man and a woman often stand, watching tide creep in and out over periwinkle-studded mud. 6. Loose boat occasionally floating by. 7. Bright yellow fire hydrant. 8. Faint markings slightly visible on street where children once painted a field for four-square. 9. Sparrows in brambles.

Have recently let my hair grow out. No longer own a comb or brush. Stopped in at Rite-Aid to get one. Stood bewildered for a while in the hair technology aisle, examining all species of equipment now required for personal grooming. Clips, clasps, bands, nets, extensions, volumizers, etc. Going for a little different look. Haven’t figured it out yet.

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