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amoeba2Well, I don’t know, it just seemed as if the more I had to say, the less you wanted to hear it.

anchorOne command you’d find easier to obey if you were a mustard seed. If truly you were a mustard seed, which you are not. Nevertheless. Are you more like an oyster gluing itself to a rock? A wasp building paper cells under barn eaves? They say: there is such a thing as being too free. Fold out your arms. Lift your face. Like so. Inhale, exhale. Hold the pose. Think rootlets, rhizomes. Drink rain. Stream downward that deep.

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andiron2Usually these come in pairs. They hold up a flame so air can get in under.

anglerHe had a checklist for how to belong. Know where all the cleaning supplies are kept. Check. Be useful in emergencies. Check. Make note of anniversaries, especially painful ones. Check. Speak up as appropriate. Eat the food. Drink the water. Feel free to have a nice long bath. Check. Acknowledge the forms. Affirm the consensus. Check. He didn’t actually use these words, but it’s what his words meant. He might have said something like “This is the way we do things,” and what could possibly be wrong with that?