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angoumois mothAs far as we can tell, the only thing that Angoumois has ever been famous for.

aneroid barometer2The atmosphere was an infected blanket with a burnt metallic otherworldly smell. Within two hours we all fell beneath the weight of its profound virulence. I sat enveloped in the flowered upholstery of your expensive overstuffed loveseat, wineglass in hand, tortured grin stretched across my face like a martyr on the rack, and felt the fangs of the past, present, and future sink evermore securely into my neck. When the conversation flagged, you zapped it with your cattle-prod wit until our brains went limp. Resistance was useless, escape laughable. But laughter had perished long ago. When you suggested charades I was grateful because it meant Death was near and all this would soon be over. How wrong, oh, how wrong, I was.