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ashur2Ah, but it seems so obvious, placing the sky god at the pinnacle. Even with their flounced skirts and chic facial hair, the Assyrians were far too literal. Let’s hear from the ant god, the worm god, the warrior king of the snail. Put the periwinkle god at the center of your winged disc. That would be worth considering.


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artemia2I hear the mermaids singing, rolled in their mystic crypts, their dry bones dreaming of saltwater and light. They are singing to me, Tom Eliot. When the band strikes up, they answer it, they refute it with no voice. Predicate, not yet hatched, ever-turning toward being, they sleep inside your red rocks, and though the crowd roars and coins are thrown on the floor, they will not say what they mean.

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artesian well2

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alima of squillaApex of emotion. Bellyful of laughs. Cast of thousands. Depth of field. Evening of scores. First of many. Gallon of milk. Half of yours. Isthmus of Panama. Jar of jam. Knave of hearts. Last of pea-time. Mop of hair. Noblest of causes. Order of Oddfellows. Powers of ten. Quiet of midnight. Roster of players. Show of hands. Terrine of soup. Unraveling of plot. Vagueries of doubt. Worst of intentions. X-axis of space. Yard of beer. Zen of tennis.

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alternate leaves2Yeah, those are mine.

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