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aldus2The Aldine dolphin had the head of Woody Woodpecker and the tail of one fancy imaginary mutant goldfish. Did Aldus Manutius, Ventian Renaissance printer and inventor of slanted type, never lay eyes on the actual animal before adopting it as a mark to stamp in all his books? At least he got the anchor right. He also hired the right guy to cut his new font. Thank you, Francesco Griffo. Because of you our keyboards can do this: Delphinidae.

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sphereSir, will it be the equinoctial or the ecliptic? Equators, meridians, colures? As the ancients discovered, there are more ways to travel in a circle than you could ever have imagined.

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anchorOne command you’d find easier to obey if you were a mustard seed. If truly you were a mustard seed, which you are not. Nevertheless. Are you more like an oyster gluing itself to a rock? A wasp building paper cells under barn eaves? They say: there is such a thing as being too free. Fold out your arms. Lift your face. Like so. Inhale, exhale. Hold the pose. Think rootlets, rhizomes. Drink rain. Stream downward that deep.

andiron2Usually these come in pairs. They hold up a flame so air can get in under.