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artesian well2

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screwYours was a pretty famous guy. He lived a long time ago in Greece and invented a bunch of useful machines, including a screw that lifts water from a lower to a higher level when you turn it. Very handy. It’s an open question whether he got this idea from you. That would have made him an expert on Paleozoic corals in addition to all the other cool shit he was into. I guess we’ll never know, since both of you have been extinct for a good long while now.

anenometer2The barber. The brickfielder. The chinook. The cyclone. The diablo. The haboob. The loo. The maestro. The mistral. The November witch. The pali. The Santa Anas. The sirocco. The squamish. The sumatra. The white squall. The zephyros.

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They agreed on helium. Eventually.