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atlantes“An excellent answer, by the dog, Hippias; and such a one as cannot fail of being applauded. Shall I then, in answering thus, have answered the question asked me? and that so well as to not be refuted?” [Text apparently intended to accompany this image discovered nearly by accident on page 153 of “Plato: On the Beautiful,” from Readings in Philosophy, Randall, Buchler & Shirk, eds., Barnes & Noble, New York, 1950, reprinted 1961, a book previously owned by Patricia Flood, signed and dated 10-20-62 and purchased, as she notes, at Scrantom’s in Rochester. Original price $1.95. Repurchased by me, significantly later, probably at a tag sale, who knows where, perhaps from Patricia herself, fifteen cents. To find out whatever happened to Scrantom’s, click here.]

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aphrodite + swan

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To read this piece, see Five Points: A Journal of Literature & Art, Vol. 17 Number 3.