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asymptotes2TOX, SOY. Asymmetries to the Hypotenuse. Checkmate. Hah.

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anenometer2The barber. The brickfielder. The chinook. The cyclone. The diablo. The haboob. The loo. The maestro. The mistral. The November witch. The pali. The Santa Anas. The sirocco. The squamish. The sumatra. The white squall. The zephyros.

apsidesNext time, I am out of here for good. Next time, there will be no next time. You heard that right. No. I’m gone. I’m history. I’m not coming back.

apothemOne day I drew a perfect line with my finger in the sandbox, and that was the beginning of my imaginary empire.


aneroid barometer2The atmosphere was an infected blanket with a burnt metallic otherworldly smell. Within two hours we all fell beneath the weight of its profound virulence. I sat enveloped in the flowered upholstery of your expensive overstuffed loveseat, wineglass in hand, tortured grin stretched across my face like a martyr on the rack, and felt the fangs of the past, present, and future sink evermore securely into my neck. When the conversation flagged, you zapped it with your cattle-prod wit until our brains went limp. Resistance was useless, escape laughable. But laughter had perished long ago. When you suggested charades I was grateful because it meant Death was near and all this would soon be over. How wrong, oh, how wrong, I was.

angle2Slammed by a real idea of substantial mass and velocity, your mind does obey the laws of physics. At such a moment, the collision you want is head-on: a clock-cleaning, hundred-percent, guaranteed rethink. Spare yourself the glancing blow that screws you off like an asteroid into space you have to come crawling back through later. No. That best shot. That wake-up, bell-ringing reason to change.

Hey, you have a very clear aura today, the man said, just before trying to sell me something. But whatever optics had accompanied me up to that point must have darkened remarkably because in the next instant he was stepping back from me and his exclamation, saying, Sorry I thought you were someone else… um, Janet. Sorry.