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angwantibo“No other event has made me so deeply aware of the evanescent actuality in all relationships to other beings, the sublime melancholy of our lot, the fated lapse into It of every single You. For usually a day, albeit brief, separated the morning and evening of the event; but here morning and evening merged cruelly, the bright You appeared and vanished: had the burden of the It-world really been taken from the animal and me for the length of one glance? At least I could still remember it, while the animal had sunk again from its stammering glance into speechless anxiety, almost devoid of memory. How powerful is the continuum of the It-world, and how tender the manifestations of the You!” Martin Buber, in I and Thou, on looking into, with mutual recognition, the eyes of a house cat.

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axis deer2I’d make it a habit to close your mouth when running into the wind, he said, unless you want to be picking mosquitoes out of your teeth all night.

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australian sassafrass2Although he resisted categorization, we did the best we could to find him a place. He did not compare well. In fact, he did not compare at all. He did not seem to want to be claimed. We did not know why that was. Some said his presentation of self was too subtle, that his guileless manner threw us off so much that we read it as art. Some said he was too flamboyantly himself, that a little less insistence might have served him better. In the end, he had to be made to fit. The time had come to move on. After that, whenever we saw him, the poor quality of our work was increasingly obvious. It was infuriating. We blamed him for not cooperating. He was ersatz, pure fakery. It was our own fault, our own lack of imagination that we could not see him for what he was, rather than for how well he resembled what we already knew. But that only made us angrier.

astarte2To read this story, see it in Conduit 27, Summer 2016.

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asymptotes2TOX, SOY. Asymmetries to the Hypotenuse. Checkmate. Hah.